How the privacy debate could pan out in 2020

Data privacy and protection are likely to be high on the agenda for 2020 in the wake of Facebook–Cambridge Analytica and other data scandals. These controversies have prompted regulators and consumers alike to question how much personal data big tech companies gather,...

Why is SA so vulnerable to cyber-crime?

In a society that is increasingly becoming technologically savvy and employing technological means to achieve a vast array of business as well as social needs. Now more than ever, cyber-security is an utmost necessity. According to the South African Banking Risk...

Business demands more responsive networking solutions

New technologies are set to fundamentally change the way networks are designed and used, and IT has to align more closely to business needs. These are among the findings of a Cisco survey asking more than 2 000 IT leaders and network strategists how they plan to...

No, blockchain isn’t going to disrupt your industry

Blockchains. They’re all the rage. They’re touted as the magic bullet for everything from money to medicine to political regime change. And the fervour of blockchain believers has been matched only by the furious scepticism and dismissal of its naysayers, writes Cayle...

Product Showcase

Dell debuts zero-footprint PC 

Dell Technologies has announced the new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, as desktop that stores its small and powerful technology vertically inside a thin and light display stand.

Thought Leadership

A modern warehouse for modern times

While local statistics are hard to come by, the average size of warehouses in the US have increased by almost 5 000 square metres in the span of 17 years from 2000 to 2017.


Sibos to Africa 2019

The payments landscape is undergoing tremendous changes around – and more particularly in Africa.