Cyber-threats all too real for SA businesses

The promise of enhanced business performance in practically every area – from cost-cutting to employee productivity and customer service – has business owners around the world embarking on the journey of digital transformation in bigger and bigger numbers every year....

Why a sustainable business is a successful business

Sustainability and climate change are two of today’s hottest topics. From Adidas selling 11-million pairs of shoes made from ocean plastic to vegan meat sales increasing by 451% in the last four years, there is little doubt that a change in mindset is taking hold...

Time to get back to business

The first six months of 2019 have arguably been among the toughest ever experienced by both the IT industry and its distribution channel. A general slowdown in the economy, coupled with some of the most crippling load shedding South Africa has ever witnessed and...

What’s left after the machines take over?

One of the questions that we are often asked is what impact technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) will have on jobs. Where are there likely to be job opportunities in the future? Which jobs (or job functions) are most ripe for automation? What sectors are...

Product Showcase

ECS debuts AMD Ryzen-based mini PC

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has launched announce the LIVA SF110-A320 mini PC, an energy-efficient multi-functional mini PC with an AMD Ryzen processor, designed for home entertainment and light gaming demands.

Thought Leadership

Trends that are transforming the ICT channel

The distribution game is changing significantly. Twenty years ago, it was about box dropping, but the ongoing digitisation of practically every industry is leading organisations to demand new ways for products and services to be delivered.


Report-back: Dell Technologies Forum

The era of cloud-to-core-to-edge has arrived. To stay competitive in the digital age, organisations must modernise their compute, infrastructure and application environments.