Ethics are the gold standard in the trust economy

As South Africans come to terms with state capture and everything it means for our economy and public life, the importance of ethics is receiving recognition. We can all see that even the best laws can be circumvented or broken - and that legal processes are slow and...

The quest for a resilient, cloud-based digital future

Digital transformation should come with one, well highlighted, disclaimer: one size does not fit all. The technology chosen for digital transformation needs to align with your specific business strategy. Not the strategy of company X or the approach of company Y. The...

Still no clarity on global IT spending trends

IT spending expectations remain uneven, with significant differences across countries, industries, and companies, according to the latest update to the IDC Covid-19 Tech Index. Overall sentiment in the US has dropped in the past two weeks, as businesses adjust to...

Channel primed for the ‘new normal’

With South Africa progressing from Level 5 of the nationwide lockdown to Level 4 on 1 May - which was a public holiday – today (4 May) will officially see many more ICT companies resume operations, albeit still with some restrictions. The IT channel is one of the...

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Towards a Smarter World with AI

Towards a Smarter World with AI

We take a look at Fujitsu and the five pillars of digitalisation, the future of printing, SA and the promise of 5G, as well as Gartner and the Continuous Next paradigm.

The Security Conundrum

The Security Conundrum

Building a sustainable channel for the future, a perspective on distribution leadership, all the action from the Dell EMC partner summit, and have you used an AMD today?