A seven-year partnership between Develop South Africa and Evolution Technology Group (ETG) to supply multi-functional devices to National Treasury and other government bodies around the country, has seen both companies grow significantly during this period.

Develop SA general manager, Sudhir Daya, says Develop partnered with ETG because of its long and successful history in the office automation space. “It made sense to partner with ETG because of its vast experience, technological advancements, client base and national reach.

“Our partnership is indicative of our mutual commitment to supplying technologically leading multi-functional devices that meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations, as well as to expanding our base and market-share in the industry,” adds Daya.

The mutually beneficial partnership sees the organisations supply and service numerous Develop ineo A4 & A3, black & white and colour devices throughout South Africa every year.

ETG was contracted by National Treasury to supply multi-functional devices, print management software and device management software on a national basis for the first time in 1998. This included servicing and maintenance of the devices and training for staff members.

ETG chief executive officer, Shaheed Albertus, says his company continues to supply National Treasury today.  “We also supply several other government departments including SA Express, the Human Science Research Council, South African Local Government Association, Health Professions Council of South Africa, National Nuclear Regulator and University of South Africa, amongst others.”

He says every time the company is awarded new business; new job opportunities are created. “It also means we can up-skill and develop our existing staff members, establish additional branches around the country and assist in growing existing BEE sub-contractors.”

Daya says the partnership, which commenced in 2012, has seen both ETG and Develop growing from strength to strength since then. “Develop’s growth over the past years has been steady with positive market penetration and expansion within the commercial and government sectors.

“Considering that the Develop brand was fairly unknown to the South African market before 2009, the base is growing at a healthy rate as more clients becoming familiar with it. Annual sales figures show that we distribute an average of more than 500 new units in South Africa, with deals either being cash based or leased contracts running from between 36 to 60 months per unit.”

He points out that Develop partners with about 30 dealers around the country. “It’s always exciting work with companies such as ETG that offer a wide array of services and solutions. By incorporating these technologies with DEVELOP ineo deviDevelop ces, our collaborative partnership is a perfect and viable business match.”

When asked to give advice to entrepreneurs on how to secure government business, Albertus says they need to ensure that they are compliant with all government requirements for the procurement process. “This is key to securing contracts, as is your willingness to go the extra mile,” he concludes.